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UTV Parts, Accessories and all the UTV / Side x Side News that's fit to print


Factory UTV RZR 170 Swingarm Kit

Sept 3, 2010 Sacramento Ca, After seeing for ourselves and hearing about multiple RZR 170 Swingarm issues, we took matters into our own hands. Constructed from 1 ½ inch chromoly steel tubing and CNC machined ¼ inch high tensile steel axle holders Factory UTV's RZR 170 swingarm kit ends those issues for good. Mounts using Black Max Teflon lined 15,000 lb chromoly heim rod ends that can be adjusted for an extra 2 inches in length if desired. Powdercoated for a tough long lasting finish, this kit comes complete with custom molded UHMW skid plate. $449 retail...


VORRA Fallon 250 Night Race

Jon Crowley RENO,NV    July 14, 2010:  The fifth race of the 8 race series is this weekend in Fallon, NV.  The desert heat of the day will be a minor issue as the night race falls under a half moon Saturday July 17th. The avid VORRA desert racers will take on the second half of the season where the overall points battle for the top 3 is within 6 points and every race to the end will matter.

The weekend will kick off at Stockman’s Casino where fans can see the vehicles and meet the drivers at tech and contingency on Friday night from 5pm to 9pm.   On Saturday, the race takes a green flag at the Salt Wells gravel pit 15 minutes East of Fallon off Historic Highway 50.

“The Fallon 250 is the only night race held in the VORRA series, and is one we look forward to every year,” said Wes Harbor, VORRA Director.  The course is a 41 mile loop that pro drivers must complete 6 times to finish within the allotted 8 hours.  Quads will start at 2:30pm and should be clear of the course before the Classes 9, 11 and UTV’s start at 6pm, and the larger cars and trucks start at 7pm with the finish line closing at 3am.  “If you finish this race on Saturday, you probably won the race,” laughed Harbor.

Car and truck drivers should have 2 full laps in daylight and the remaining 4 in the dark desert night.  Drivers will be dependent on their pick of lights and will surely test their driving skills.  The Nevada desert can be brutal in any race with the rocks and silt, but given the added challenge of half moon shadows and jack rabbits, this will be a blockbuster race for sure.

The class races are very close, and finishing one race well could knock off the current leaders.  The battle for the Overall “Bragging Rights” will also be fought at every finish for the rest of the season.  Patrick Timmons in Class 10 leads the points with 297, Sam Berri in Class 1 (defending his 2009 title) is not far behind at 293, and Mike Koenig in Group T is just 6 points off at 291.  Ultra4 is 10 points back in its first season in the VORRA series, so anything could happen.

VORRA is in its 35th year of producing high quality yet affordable racing while also creating fun events around the race making it a great place to have friends and family enjoy a warm summer evening spectating or competing.  The starting line grid is already shaping up with many of the VORRA family pre-registered.  This race is a great opportunity to bring your desert racer, UTV or ATV out to race, be sure to pre-register today.

2010 VORRA Race Series Race Schedule (ATV’s**)

Date                                                Race Type                                    Location

March 20 – 21, 2010                        Short Course                                     COMPLETED

April 17 – 18, 2010                        Short Course                                    COMPLETED

May 28 – 31, 2010                        Desert Race – 300 Miles                        COMPLETED

JUNE 17-20, 2010                        Xtreme Outlaws 250                        COMPLETED

July 16 – 18, 2010                        Desert Night Race – 250 Miles            Fallon, NV

September 4 – 6, 2010                        Desert Race – 225 Miles                        Hawthorne, NV

October 9 – 10, 2010                        Short Course                                    Prairie City, CA

October 30 – 31, 2010                        Short Course – Halloween BBQ            Prairie City, CA

November 13th, 2010                        Awards Banquet                        TBA

** ATV’s are racing Saturday at the first two short course events, more dates TBA.

Valley Off Road Racing Association (VORRA) was established in 1975 as a family-oriented organization and is led by current promoter Wes Harbor who believes that “off road racing has its roots in people’s garages”.  VORRA is the only organization to offer both four short course races and four desert races as part of its overall season championship.  Each race draws over 60 racers between multiple classes available for Cars, Trucks, Pilots, ATV, UTV and Trophy Karts.  In 2010 VORRA has added two additional truck classes and a stand alone ATV Race Series.  More information can be found at www.vorra.net

Sponsors – BFGoodrich, Trick Fuels, Sunbelt Rentals, CSS Photo

Who:  VORRA – Valley Off Road Racing Association

What: Round 5, Fallon 250 Night Race

Where: Fallon, NV

When:  Friday July 16  – Sunday July 18, 2010

Friday, July 16th

5:00-9:00 pm – Race Registration & Tech Inspection – Stockman’s Casino

Saturday, July 17th

10:00 am – 12pm Late Registration & Tech Inspection for Cars & Trucks – Start/Finish Area


1pm Drivers Meeting – Start/Finish Area

2:30pm Quads Start of Race (4 hr time limit)

6pm Class 9, 11, UTV Start of Race (9 hr time limit)

7pm Cars & Trucks Start of Race (8 hr time limit)

Sunday, July 18th

11:00 am – Awards Presentation at Stockman’s Casino

Polka Dots MC

The Public Pays Extorionary Fee's to use Public Land

The El Dorado National Forest is requiring the Polka Dots Motorcycle Club, a 55 year old volunteer organization, to pay approximately $50,000 in advance for an environmental analysis for an off-road event special use permit. This special use permit is required by the Forest Service to host a recreational family motorcycle enduro and an off road motorcycle event in the forest. These fees are primarily to cover the cost of an environmental assessment and secondarily for additional Forest Service monitoring for each event.

These events have been held in our National Forests for over 40 years, using existing, in place, long used and approved Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails and forest roads. The Forest Service has been approving the use of these OHV motorcycle trails and forest roads for motorcycle events for decades without any reason to conduct an environmental review. Until recently, the Forest Service has always permitted these events on a yearly basis under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Categorical Exclusion. Under this exclusion the Forest Service only charged nominal administration fees. Until more recently the Forest Service had never required volunteer based organized clubs to pay cost recovery fees. The obvious question is what has recently changed? Nothing, except under presser from antiaccess groups the Forest Service has created a policy to create a barrier (financial barrier) to entry for OHV recreation.

In 2008 the El Dorado National Forest completed and environmental analysis of all roads and trails for the entire El Dorado National Forest. Considering the Forest Service has completed an environmental analysis for all roads and trails on the El Dorado National Forest, there is no logic in requiring the completion of an additional environmental analysis for individual or group users. The Forest Service appears to implementing this new policy erect a barrier to entry for OHV recreationist.

These fees are essentially creating a barrier to entry and locking out the public from its own property. These volunteer organized clubs do not make much more than the cost of putting these events on. These cost recovery fees are being put in place to create a barrier to entry for anyone or any group wishing to recreate in the national forest.


Dust-up Stirs Over Off-Road Vehicle


By Mike Lee

Thousands of off-roaders kicked off the high season last weekend with campouts and spinouts at Glamis, Ocotillo Wells and other desert hot spots.

Many rolled in a relatively new and inexpensive kind of machine – a cross between a golf cart and a dune buggy known as a recreational off-highway vehicle. More than 416,000 ROVs crisscross terrain from San Diego County to Maine, sometimes at more than 60 mph. Their numbers are swelling as recession-conscious hobbyists buy them instead of more expensive sand cars.

The federal Consumer Product Safety Commission says the ROVs were connected to at least 116 deaths in the past six years and are dangerous enough to warrant safety regulations. Last month, the agency said rules proposed by the off-road industry aren’t adequate and started creating its own.

Some off-roaders say the regulatory push is an intrusion into their private affairs and a sign of government paternalism. At least a few think the crackdown is part of a broader attempt to squeeze off-roaders into smaller parts of the backcountry.

“Off-roading is a dangerous sport. Period. So is hunting and surfing,” said Jay Langley, who works at Off Road Warehouse in San Diego. “There is no way that you can put enough safety features on one of these vehicles to make them safe.”

The commission hasn’t proposed specific rules, but agency documents highlight concerns about stability, “undesirable” steering characteristics and “inadequate” protection for occupants of ROVs, also called UTVs or side-by-sides.

Manufacturers define ROVs as off-road vehicles with engine displacements up to 1,000 cubic centimeters that are designed to travel on four or more non-highway tires. They typically come with a steering wheel, bucket seats, seat belts and roll bars and cost $10,000 to $15,000. Their cousins – all-terrain vehicles – have straddle seats, handlebars and no protective cage.

Ranchers and farmers were among the earliest ROV users in the late 1990s, but the machines’ popularity took off when people started using them for hunting, racing and other recreation.

Langley and many other off- roaders say the main problem with ROVs is people “doing stupid stuff,” such as letting children drive unsupervised and going too fast for the terrain.

Daniel Rosenzweig at Magnum Offroad in Vista, which specializes in safety retrofits, said stock ROVs can exceed 30 mph but can be modified to go faster.

“You figure 65 mph with that wheelbase is a recipe for disaster,” he said. “People get in these things, see that they have got a roll cage and think they’re safe and they go nuts.”

Magnum Offroad adds doors, widens wheelbases and upgrades roll bars on ROVs. Typical customers are fathers who want a relatively inexpensive way to teach their children about off- roading.

“Because of their compact size, they are able to go a lot more places” than dune buggies, Rosenzweig said. “They are able to access a lot more territory likes nooks and crannies in the rocks and wooded trails.”

ROVs are so new that no helmet laws, minimum age requirements or seat belt mandates apply in California, said Phil Jenkins, cq chief of the off-highway vehicles division for the state parks department. In contrast, anyone riding an ATV on public lands in California is legally required to wear a helmet.

Jenkins said state officials are talking about whether ROV rules are needed.

The Irvine-based Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association is developing voluntary safety standards and said the Consumer Product Safety Commission is jumping the gun with its move to develop rules.

“We are confident that through continued discussion and information sharing, an appropriate standard that reflects the input from all parties can be developed” through the industry process, it said.

At the Consumer Federation of America, senior counsel Rachel Weintraub cq applauded the commission. “The industry has gone where they want to go, which is not far enough,” she said.

Weintraub said ROV manufacturers should have anticipated problems after ATVs sparked safety concerns two decades ago with unstable three-wheeled models. She said it’s not fair to simply blame ROV users.

“The best way to prevent injuries is to look at the product and say, `What we can we do differently, knowing that people operate them in these ways, to diminish potential hazards?’ ” she said.

A Consumer Product Safety Commission spokeswoman said the industry’s proposed voluntary standards don’t fully address stability, handling and occupant retention.

Similar concerns prompted the agency to negotiate a recall with Yamaha in March after two Rhino models were linked to 46 deaths. More than two-thirds of cases involved rollovers and unbelted occupants, and the commission said many appeared to occur during low-speed turns on level ground.

“While we work on new safety rules for ROVs, I urge all riders and passengers to strap on a helmet, use the seat belt, know the terrain and never allow anyone under 16 to drive these vehicles,” said Inez Tenenbaum, chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Sue Cox, director of trauma services at Rady Children’s Hospital, said her unit has dealt with 254 injuries in the past three years related to all kinds of off- road vehicles.

“What really is concerning to me is that out of this number of 254, 47 kids were under 10 years old,” Cox said. “That is really a sobering statistic. What are parents thinking?”

Many off-road enthusiasts say the answer is responsible parents and drivers, not federal mandates.

“I think it’s going to end up just ruining vehicles that are perfectly safe if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines,” said Jon Crowley, publisher of UTVGuide.net. “When does the government get involved with something and make it better?”

Source : http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2009/nov/03/dust-stirs-over-road-vehicle/




Twisted Stitch Seats just got better!

Their most popular seat just got better!

The designers at Twisted Stitch Seats have introduced a second generation Aggressor in addition to the new Aggressor-X! A redesigned frame and new foam technology have widened the interior of the seat while still allowing it to “bolt-in” to the Rhino, RZR, Teryx or Prowler (1“ narrower). The overall height of the seat has also been increased by 3″.

Now there is no need to sacrifice comfort for containment in your side by side. The Aggressor is available in lowback, standard fixed headrest, wide fixed headrest and adjustable headrest. The Aggressor-X features the Vortex-inspired dual hole headrest and stitching design.

2nd Generation Vortex features a wider seating area.

For more information visit: http://www.factoryutv.net


ITP Tundra Cross UTV Snow and Ice Tire


Leave it to ITP to deliver the ATV/UTV industry’s first production snow and ice tire! The all-new TundraCross features 96 carbide-tipped steel case studs that are strategically placed for maximum performance on ice and snow. The TundraCross is based on ITP’s highly successful TerraCross R/T XD design, and features fully sipped (thinly cut) lugs, which result in more traction-grabbing edges and maximum traction in loose, slippery conditions.

Its tough 6-ply bias construction is light in weight and offers excellent flotation to keep the tire “on top” of the snow. A proven Rim Guard keeps snow and ice out of the bead area and protects the wheel lip. The TundraCross debuts in two sizes: 25×9-12 (P/N 560544) and 25×10-12 (P/N 560545).

According to Minnesota-based Rox Speed FX, who assisted in the development of this tire, “These carbon studs have no mercy on whatever surface they come in contact with, not only clawing their way through ice and snow but over frozen logs and dirt. With the TundraCross mounted we now welcome the onset of winter and all its changes and challenges. The TundraCross adds one more season of capability to any utility/4×4 ATV or side-by-side UTV, helping to put the ‘all’ in all-terrain.”

For more information visit: http://www.factoryutv.net



ITP T-9 Pro Mod Spun Aluminum UTV/ATV Wheel

ITP’s popular, proven T-9 series of spun aluminum wheels has been expanded with the introduction of the all-new Pro Mod line.  Highlights of the ITP T-9 Pro Mod include a head-turning polished finish, a double-rolled lip for excellent durability and ease of tire mounting, rugged yet lightweight .190 wall construction and the rigorous QS 9000 quality certification.

What sets the Pro Mod apart from the rest of the T-9 line is its classic off-road modular style and an angled outer wheel face. This unique design adds considerable strength to the wheel center without a weight penalty.  In fact, the T-9 Pro Mod is significantly lighter than its competition, reducing unsprung weight and rotating mass for noticeable performance gains.

This manufacturing makes the T-9 Pro Mod ideal for use on heavier ATVs and UTVs, applications where spun aluminum wheels were formerly inappropriate. The T-9 Pro Mod is available in a wide variety of bolt patterns for many popular 4×4 ATVs as well as side-by-side UTVs such as the Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki’s Teryx and Mule, and the Polaris Ranger and RZR. The T-9 Pro Mod is available in 12×7 and 14×7 sizing with 4+3 offsets.

For more information visit: http://www.factoryutv.net



ITP T7 Beadlock UTV Wheels

ITP has combined all of the best technology and performance of the proven C-Series Type 7 one-piece aluminum wheel with all the benefits of a beadlock design to create the new T7 Beadlock.

The T7 Beadlock uses a billet outer ring that clamps the tire to the wheel, greatly reducing the risk of the tire debeading from the wheel when using lower tire pressures or when the tire is subjected to heavy side loads. As an added benefit, this ring also strengthens a wheel that’s already known for its rugged durability.

Manufactured through ITP’s exclusive Advancecast process, the T7 Beadlock meets rigorous QS 9000 quality specifications and arrives with a stunning polished or black finish in 12×7 and 14×7 sizes for most of today’s popular sport-utility ATVs and side-by-side UTVs.

The T7 Beadlock comes standard with a polished ring, but enthusiasts interested in giving their machine a custom look will be happy to know that the T7 Beadlock’s ring is also available in black, blue or red powdercoat finishes!



Acrtic Cat Prowler Muzzy Exhaust

The new Muzzy dual exhaust for the Arctic Cat 1000 Prowler features tuned, equal length, stepped headpipes to create the most powerful Prowler exhaust available. An integrated oxygen sensor bung allows the addition of an air/fuel meter. The oval aluminum muffler canisters are available in either mirror polished, brushed or black Teflon® finishes. They come standard with the Muzzy Modular Endcap system that includes a removable USFS approved spark arrestor and quiet core. CNC machined billet aluminum brackets hold them securely in place. The dual oval muffler design keeps sound levels to a minimum while maintaining the incredible Muzzy exhaust tone.

Muzzy Prowler Exhaust Features:

  • Full stainless 2-1-2 design outperforms the competition.
  • Dual oval mufflers available in polished, brushed or teflon coated aluminum.
  • Billet aluminum muffler mount brackets.
  • Integrated oxygen sensor bung.
  • Exhaust wrap included.
  • Spring mounted and slip fit for durability.
  • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores
  • Incredible sound.

For more information visit: http://www.factoryutv.net


Off-Road Enthusiast Tours for a Cure in Pink RANGER RZR 

Minneapolis, July 27, 2009 – Off-Road Enthusiast CJ Rena Johnson is on a mission, a mission to cure. Johnson, along with her Pink Polaris RANGER RZR, is visiting private, public, local, state and federal ATV and OHV parks around the country to spread the word and raise money for various charities including American Cancer Society, American Breast Cancer Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and St. Jude Children Research Hospital.

“I wanted to show that off-road enthusiasts are an active community involved in helping to improve our lives and the lives of those around us, locally, statewide and nationally,” said Johnson. “We are going to take the nation by storm conquering every ATV and OHV park in our path to raise money, and have fun while doing it.”

“OHV Tour for a Cure” works by having sponsors, groups, businesses, participants, spectators and other riders pledge donations to the charity of their choice. Johnson’s site, http://www.cjrenajohnson.com/ will keep a running total of monies pledged to the different charities and also list contributors and sponsors. The site also has an updated list of places “OHV Tour for a Cure” will stop so people can get involved. Johnson attends every event and rides along in her Pink Polaris RANGER RZR which has become a symbol of the tour.



NEW Muzzy Kawasaki Teryx PRO Exhaust

Months of dedicated Kawasaki Teryx race engine development led to the design of a new exhaust system specifically for big bore engines like the Muzzy 800,840 & 916. The new Muzzy PRO features large diameter, triple stepped headpipes that merge into the exclusive siamese collector and out into large diameter 16″ mufflers. This 2-1-2 design allows for proper scavenging effect with no restriction in flow. The result is seemingly unlimited top end power with low and mid range increases that dual exhaust systems can’t touch.
Available with polished, brushed or black Teflon® muffler finishes.



  • Optimized for big bore engines.
  • Large diameter triple stepped headpipes.
  • Exclusive siamese collector increases low and mid range power.
  • Spigot and flange mount head pipes reduce strain and allow easy removal of the exhaust for racing applications.
  • Large diameter dual oval aluminum mufflers.
  • Dual oxygen sensor bungs
  • Flanged exhaust gaskets included
  • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores
  • Minimum sound levels / Maximum performance



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