Marc Burnett

Team: Factory Polaris

Marc says: “Factory UTV Skid Plates are the most durable, longer lasting, and best fitting skid plates in the market. Their staff are very pleasant to work with. Whenever we order anything, they always delivers on time”

Marc Burnett, organizer and promoter as well as racer. Marc started racing motocross at the tender age of five. He accomplished multiple wins in this class. Marc is a well experience off-road racer, with 25 years of experience racing Baja! He rode for Factory Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki. Burnett then moved on to racing Class 6 trucks where again he accomplished 1st place in the 2008 San Felipe 250 and 1st place in 2011 at the Baja 500. He’s also won the SCORE Milestone Award twice. Most recently Burnett has made a huge impact in the UTV Pro-Class 19. Burnett started 2014 strong winning 1st place in the San Felipe 250. He came in 2nd in the Mint 400, 2nd in the Imperial Valley 250, 1st in the Baja 500 and last but not least he won the 2014 SCORE Championship in his class not to mention that Burnett is the first person that “Iron Man” the Baja 1000 in a UTV.