Wayne & Kristen Matlock Make History at SCORE Baja 500

Wayne and Kristen Matlock 2016 Baja 500Alpine, CA (6/8/2016) – Factory UTV Support racers and married couple, Kristen and Wayne Matlock,
both celebrated on the SCORE Baja 500 podium as Wayne #2971 won the Pro Turbo UTV class and took 1st
Overall UTV and Kristen #1954 finished third in the Pro UTV class and made history as the
first female UTV racer to “Ironwoman” the race held in the desert outside Ensenada,
Mexico. Polaris’ Wayne Matlock continues his perfect streak in the SCORE Baja competition,
winning his fourth race in four starts, which is another history making accomplishment.
Wayne Matlock backed up his victory in the 2015 edition of the Baja 500 with a win this
year. He has also scored victories in the Imperial Valley 250 and the Baja 1000.
“It’s an awesome accomplishment,” said Matlock. “It’s more of a testament to the team
we’ve built and our sponsors, than just me as a driver. There is a lot more that goes into
this than just driving.”
Matlock’s Terabbit Racing team had a plan going into the event: run with the pace early and
run hard for the last 100 miles if a tight race developed. Their best-laid plans came to
fruition. Although Matlock’s Polaris RZR was stuck in a bottleneck early, he consistently
climbed through the field. He struck at mile 340 when Matlock beat the leader out of the
pits and then crossed the finish line by over five minutes in front of him to overcome the
time differential.
“We got out of our pit just before the leader,” said Matlock. “They were 20 feet off my
bumper. From there on I did my best because I had to put four minutes on him to win. It
was either win or break at that point. I just drove as hard as I could.”
Race record high temperatures nearly sidelined his efforts. “This was the hottest race I’ve
ever done for that length of distance,” said Matlock. “Going down through San Felipe the
heat caused our car to go into limp mode due to the heat. It just wasn’t cooling enough, so
we took our water bottles and dumped them on the radiator to get it out of limp mode. One
of the things that helped us is micropolishing and cryotreating all of our internal parts. That
really helps to keep the temperatures down in our transmission, motor, and differentials.“
Matlock came into the race with a lot of pressure to win. However, without the additional
stress of running for a championship, Matlock was free to run as hard as he wanted to try to
“Because of our history, we’re expected to win,” said Matlock. “We were really excited to
win this race and to back up the 500 from last year. I like that I don’t have the pressure of
winning a championship. My focus is on winning the race at all costs…not saving the car in
order to just finish.”
“The only flat we got was in the bottleneck when we ran into the bushes and a large stick
punctured our tire,” said Matlock. “The DWT Wheels held up flawlessly. Without the tuning
on the Fox Shox, we wouldn’t have been able to win. There are a bunch of companies that
put us up here.”
Kristen Matlock finished third in the Pro UTV class. Kristen started fifth in her class in the
477.52 mile race. While looking over her race car at the starting line, her co-driver, Derek
McGaughy discovered a leaking oil cooler. Her team quickly made repairs and she was off.
“I took it fairly easy off the start trying not to make any mistakes,” said Kristen. “I quickly
passed six UTVs before approaching the bottleneck. Patience wore thin as racers sat there
waiting their turn to make an attempt at the silty hill climb that was causing the log jam.
Alonso Lopez #1949 decided to take a huge risk by going through the bushes. It paid off
though and put an hour and a half on the rest of the field. He created his own line, but the
rest of us weren’t willing to take that risk. I don’t even know how he got through it without
tearing a CV boot or getting a flat. He was pretty lucky.”
Kristen was pleased with her first Baja 500 race in the driver’s seat of a UTV. Kristen’s
previous role on the team was team manager, supporting her husband’s efforts. She
competed in Terry Hui’s Polaris RZR that he and Wayne won the Baja 500, Imperial Valley
250, and Baja 1000 in last year.
“I absolutely loved it,” said Kristen. “I can’t wait to get back down to Baja and race again! I
have to thank Terry Hui for allowing me to race his race car, my husband Wayne for all of
his time and effort he puts into our race program, my mechanic Erik Ridens from Black
Rhino for an outstanding prep job, my mom and dad for staying home to take care of our
two little boys, and my co-driver Derek McGaughy for putting his navigation and
mechanical skills to the test.
“In the past, when I managed the team, I always felt like I was only served the main course.
This year, I got the dessert.” added Kristen
Driving debuts have been good to Kristen Matlock. She finished second in the Pro UTV class
in her first Best in the Desert race, the UTV World Championship, earlier this year and one
month later she finished second at the Mint 400.
“There were 14 people in the Pro UTV class and only four finished, so just finishing this
race was a huge accomplishment,” said Kristen. “To finish on the podium is even better.”
The Matlocks will return to the SCORE series during the 49th Baja 1000 Nov. 16-20.
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